Tiny Terrain Models is run by husband and wife team Craig & Su Thomson, from their home in Gloucestershire, England.

Craig had been playing with toys for more than 35 years, and came up with  the idea of starting a wargames miniature company in early 2016 after looking for “a decent looking Medic and casualty” his modern 28mm games, with no luck.  He quickly found that many other gamers commented on it, and also loved the model (Pack MED01) and wanted to buy the miniatures he had commissioned.

Over time the range has grown, and TTM now supply 85 different metal miniatures, accessories, all of which are for gamers playing 28mm modern-day (last 20 years or so) skirmish games such as Skirmish Sangin, Spectre, Force on Force, Ambush Alley, Black ops Etc. We are completely rules agnostic, and you can use our miniatures for any rule sets you prefer.

We will continue to release packs that we think are interesting, and following our current (second) Kickstarter, will be releasing a further 42 miniatures later in 2018, which are suitable for our “The Chechen Wars” range. More details of stocked miniatures can be found by following the links on the menu on the home page.

If you are interested in seeing our latest Kickstarter campaign, click HERE

Since starting TTM we have had 3 simple rules:


Get “stuff” made that we like & want as gamers.


Sell “stuff” at a price that allows most gamers to put their hand in their wallet for a few £/$ and buy them, just because they think the minis are cool or want to support  what we are doing.


Remember this is not big business it’s just toy soldiers……this is our hobby, and meant to be fun!

The Team

Craig – I work full-time running a Global Product Marketing and in my spare time bugger around with toy soldiers. I have also written, painted and provided terrain for, and been a playtester of,  a number of wargaming rulebooks over the last few years. I play dark ages, medieval, Napoleonics, WW2 and modern games in a variety of scales , and regularly run demonstration games in the UK.

Su – I come from a Sales and Marketing background, and am responsible for making sure Craig’s “Oooh Shiny” tendency is kept under some measure of control. I have the dubious pleasure of being the one that Craig says stops him from spiralling out of control in true wargamers butterfly style.  He says without my input he would have new sculpts every week for 20 different periods and scales, so I may have to up my game because from where I am standing he’s not far off it!  I am a bibliophile, not a gamer, although have on more than one occasion thrashed him at his own 100 Years Wars rules (Boom) much to his disgust.

We have worked with a number of extremely talented sculptors and model makers over the years and are always keen to promote new sculpting talent into the market, so drop us a line and get in touch if you can push green stuff around.

We hope you enjoy the site and find something you like!

Best regards,

Craig & Su