The War in Chechnya Kickstarter…. back for more

War in Chechnya Figures Kickstarter 2

Last year we ran a very successful Kickstarter to launch a new range of highly detailed 28mm metal miniatures sculpted by leading miniature creator Igor Karpov.

The range included Chechen fighters and Russian VDV Recon troops from the first Chechen War.  After unlocking 47 figures (twice what we expected!) we shipped across the world to 176 backers, and received some amazing feedback.

We enjoyed running our first Kickstarter so much that as soon as it had finished we immediately commissioned Igor to sculpt another 42 miniatures, with the aim of having the most comprehensive Modern Chechen & Russian range in the 28mm market.

The follow-on Kickstarter is now live, and looking on course to be as popular as the first….


We were bowled over when the Funding level for go-ahead was met within the first 7 hours, and it is looking like the first of a great bunch of stretch goals is soon going to be unlocked. We really want you all to get the best out of this Kickstarter, so please share details of The war in Chechnya Kickstarter to any wargaming friends who might not have seen it yet, and who might like the chance to play with these stunning figures.

Once again, the sculpts and figures have been comissioned for wargamers looking for high quality miniatures to play the 1st Chechen war (although as you will see the figures are suited to many other modern theatres as well). The miniatures are sized to fit right alongside other popular manufactures ranges, so you can use them either in small skirmish games on their own, or in larger games with your current collection.

Click  HERE to view the sculpted figures and full details of this latest Kickstarter

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