Rocky Grass Game Mat with tank and trees

Gaming Mats always make a huge difference to the way any games table looks.  Like most people, we (well, Craig if we’re being totally honest, here) like to play on tables that look Good.  Scenery-rich and visually  authentic tables are fun to play on.  Whether it’s 28mm Urban Chechnya, Peninsular War, or rural Tajikistan, it makes a difference.  A good looking table takes a good game to a whole new level.

We are really pleased to be offering two sharply printed, high quality and durable wargaming mats, at a great price. These mats are lightly textured, 100% washable fleece. Manufactured by hand in the UK, the soft fleece texture means they won’t move around on your gaming table, and miniatures are less likely to slide around as they can on other surfaces. Great to play on lying flat, or laid over terrain items.  Adding the mats to your gaming kit will help you build a more interesting, contoured playing surface with ease. Not prone to crease, the mats can be folded and refolded without damage or peeling of the gaming surface.  Supplied in zip-lock bags for easy shipping and storage. Weighing-in at under 500g, they are possibly the lightest on the market and will arrive, through your letterbox in a jiffy.

Full Spec:

6’X 4′ (56″ X 76″) minimumDesert Scrub Gaming Mat 6x4 available from Tiny Terrain ModelsRocky Grass Gaming Mat 6x4 available from Tiny Terrain Models
Sharp, authenticaly coloured designs
Suitable for many wargames systems in a variety of sizes to 28mm
Lightweight and compact for shipping and storage
Durable, 100% washable fleece
Non-slip properties – these are not paper or PVC gaming mats

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